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Our Services

Preferred Engineering, L.P. provides a complete range of engineering and design services to support all of your project needs. From small plant modifications, to major bottleneck projects, to turn-key grass roots projects, Preferred Engineering is your project services solution.

Full Service Engineering and Design Capabilities

Project Management

Preferred Engineering's project management team, with an average of 25+ years of experience, can provide full service project management. Preferred Engineering's strength is their ability to listen and understand the client's project requirements and management needs. Each project is evaluated at the scope development stage to align the overall project execution plan with the appropriate management systems and reporting tools. By doing this, each project, no matter how large or small, receives the appropriate level of project management to ensure success.

A partial list of services include:

  • Project management
  • Project premise and concept development
  • Economic analysis
  • Project scope development
  • Project planning and project execution plan development
  • Stage and gate program development
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Manpower loading analysis
  • Project cash flow analysis
  • Cost control
  • Procurement and support
  • Design review
  • Project definition rating
  • Project auditing
  • Project quality control
  • Constructability review
  • Long range strategic capital planning
  • PSM system development and management
  • Plant and unit operational expense studies
  • Project economic sensitivity analysis
  • Project market analysis

Process Engineering

Preferred Engineering can provide process engineering solutions to your plant process operations and process design needs. Our team of process engineers, operations specialists, designers and technicians, along with our alliance partners, can support a vast array of process engineering challenges facing industry today.

A partial list of services include:

  • Process optimization and modeling
  • P&ID development
  • Controls strategy development
  • Relief valve sizing


Preferred Engineering's mechanical department can support your plant's mechanical design and operations solutions. Whether your needs are related to solving a pipe stress problem, or rotating or stationary equipment failure, PE will help you diagnose, formulate, and implement a solution. Our depth of mechanical systems and equipment knowledge is enhanced by our mechanical staff's average industry tenure of 25+ years.

A partial list of services include:

  • Pipe stress analysis and diagnosis
  • Piping system engineering and design
  • Vessel design and modification
  • Vessel evaluation and rerating
  • Rotating equipment specification
  • Fixed equipment specification
  • Equipment failure analysis and diagnosis
  • Finite element analysis
  • PSV sizing
  • Flare header design
  • Marine vapor control systems design and certification

Piping Design

Preferred Engineering's piping design department can support your project team with knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are engaged in providing you with a design that implements current codes, standards and specifications. A full range of options are available with the flexibility to choose any or all of them to meet your needs. Current accepted technology can be leveraged to provide support for estimating purchasing, fabrication, installation, quality assurance, inspection, testing, commissioning, training, coatings and insulation in a timely and cost effective manner. All options up to full 3D visualization of a complete multidiscipline design are available, allowing “by-in” from safety, operations, maintenance and construction while accomplishing management objectives.

A partial list of services include:

  • Piping system design
  • Scope definition
  • P&ID Validation
  • P&ID development
  • Tie-in strategies to minimize outages
  • Specialty item specifications
  • Pipe line schedules
  • Laser surveying of existing facilities
  • Project coordination
  • Facilities layout and optimization
  • Vessel and mechanical drafting
  • Equipment arrangements
  • Conduct 3D model review and documentation
  • Review or create piping specifications
  • Stress isometrics
  • Cost based design optimization
  • Piping plans and sections generation
  • Isometric extraction and production
  • Spooling
  • Inspection documentation and databases
  • Insulation of piping and equipment
  • Codes and standards compliance
  • Test packages
  • Bills of materials
  • On-site project support
  • Construction follow-up


Preferred Engineering's civil/structural department can support your company's civil and structural design solutions. From simple foundations and structures to complex integration into existing facilities, PE has the talent, tools, and depth of knowledge to provide your civil/structural solution. Our depth of civil/structural engineering and design knowledge is enhanced by our civil/structural staff's average industry tenure of 30+ years. With our team on your project, you too will benefit from the Preferred Engineering Advantage.

A partial list of services include:

  • Foundation design
  • Soils analysis
  • Structures design
  • Structures modeling using STAAD Pro
  • Wind load evaluation
  • Drainage system design
  • Containment pond design
  • RCRA containment design
  • Control room building and structures design and analysis



Preferred Engineering can support your company's architectural design, specification, and engineering requirements through our alliance partners. By teaming with our alliance partners, Preferred Engineering has a broad range of architectural experience at its fingertips.

A partial list of services include:

  • Plant building design
  • Control room building and structures design
  • Motor control center buildings (MCC)
  • Remote instrument enclosure buildings (RIE)
  • Storage and maintenance buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Blast resistant buildings
  • Administrative and office buildings
  • Laboratory design and specification
  • Building siting studies and risk analysis


Instrument and Control Systems

At Preferred Engineering, our instrument and control systems group can support all of your instrument and process control needs. From system verification and documentation, to complete system design and specification, PE has the expertise to support your needs.

A partial list of services include:

  • P&ID design and process control design
  • Instrument specification
  • Loop sheet design
  • DCS system architecture design, specification, and configuration
  • System integration
  • PLC programming
  • System security
  • Communication systems specification and design
  • Safety shutdown systems


Preferred Engineering provides a full slate of electrical design and engineering services including:

  • Electrical substation and power distribution design
  • Plant power distribution and management system design
  • System load studies
  • Area classification
  • UPS systems integration
  • Grounding design
  • Switchgear design
  • MCC building specification and design
  • Lighting
  • Wiring and one-line diagrams
  • Control power systems specification and design
  • Electrical usage surveys
  • Electrical efficiency improvement studies (energy surveys)
  • Arc flash studies



Preferred Engineering's CAD team provides an efficient and economical solution to your company's CAD drafting needs.

A partial list of services include:

  • Project drafting
  • Drafting support
  • P&ID verification support
  • Document control
  • Management of change support

Process Safety Management

Preferred Engineering project managers and staff have extensive experience in the application of OSHA CFR 1910.119, Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals. In addition to the application of the rule, PE can also support your company's project objectives, international processes, and procedures to ensure compliance.

Construction Management

Our seasoned engineers and designers are eager to follow their projects through construction. Our clients needing this service benefit from PE construction management and inspection personnel working on their behalf managing the constructors in the field.

Preferred Engineering's construction management services are geared to ensure safe and reliable field construction of your project's objectives.

A partial list of services include:

  • Site project construction management
  • Project environmental, health, and safety program management
  • Site project coordination of multiple projects
  • Project auditing
  • Change management
  • Materials control
  • Equipment and installation inspection
  • Manpower planning
  • Schedule management
  • Cost tracking and control

Staffing Services

Preferred Engineering also provides staffing services to augment your company's temporary personnel needs.

A partial list of services include:

For more information please contact our office at 281-333-8443.

Alliance Partner Services

Another aspect of the Preferred Engineering Advantage is the assembly of the right team to meet your project's goals and objectives. Some projects require that special attention to areas which are outside the core expertise of our house staff. At Preferred Engineering, we strive to find the right resources to augment our project teams so that we can provide the best and most economical solution to our clients needs. At Preferred Engineering, we accomplish this through teamwork with a select group of alliance partner companies, which we have a proven track record of success. With this "Preferred Engineering Advantage" approach, we bring the right people to the project to support our client's best interest.

Our alliance partners have core capability in the following areas:

  • Refinery process consulting
  • Nox reduction processes and equipment
  • Fire protection systems
  • Electrical power substation engineering
  • Continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS)
  • Environmental consulting
  • Building location risk analysis/siting studies